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Race 6 of the Fake F1 Championship, which is held at Monaco

The race is held from 9am Thursday 26/07/2012 to 10PM 28/07/2012

The race is sponsored by @FakeMarkWebbah as he has won Monaco two times in the past three years!

Will @FakeJAF1 finally win or will @FakeJarnoTrulli win as his only career victory came from Monaco. @FakeBProske leads the drivers championship coming into this street circuit.

@FakeJAF1 and @LukeyWoodsey sure have a good chance to win this tight and twisty circuit just as long as James doesn't get a hotel room with Barbara! Then @FakeBProske will win! Or will @FakeRSchumacher take control of the situation, the multitasking can really come into effect here!

The sponsorship details for this race were taken care of by Barbara and who would have thunk it, Webber won(!) The big news was that the FJAA was now in charge, permanently. New recruits were @FakeRSchumacher and @FakeBProske. Pretty cool eh?

The results are below...

1.@FakeBProske - 1:08.659 (+0.000) - 25PTS

2.@FakeRSchumacher - 1.10.558 (+1.899) - 18PTS

3.@FakeJarnoTrulli - 1:10.637 (+1.978) - 15PTS

4.@FakeJAF1 - 1:10.957 (+2.298) - 12PTS

5.@LukeyWoodsey - 1:10.967 (+2.308) - 10PTS

6.@FakeSauber - 1:11.684 (+3.025) - 8PTS

7.@FakeAndrewGreen -1:17.043 (+8.384) - 6PTS

8.@FakeRafaela - 1:19.742 (+11.083) - 4PTS

9.@FakeMrsSchumi - 1:35.819 (+27.160) - 2PTS