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The 3rd race of the Fake F1 Championship season. Held at Shanghai International. Sponsored by @cora_fake!

@FakeBottas has 50/50pts after 2 rounds, but like an idiot, he broke his camera. But with his nearest contender(s) on 25pts, he is guaranteed at least a share of the lead anyway.

This race was marred by controversy as Fake James Allen's lap that would have put him in 4th position and P2 in the Championship on 30 points, just 20 behind the unstoppable (idiot) Bottas, this was later resolved and James was (rightfully) given back his points. (Written by @FakeJAF1)


1-@FakeBProske- 1:33.444

2-@LukeyWoodsey- 1:34.556

3-@FakeJAF1- 1:35.618

4-@FakeRSchumacher- 1:37.217

5-@FakeJarnoTrulli- 1:38.524

6-@FakeAndrewGreen- 1:41.376

7-@FakeSauber- 1:41.419