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Round 8 of the Fake F1 Championship was held in not so sunny Spain at the Valencia Street Circuit. The rain in Spain amazingly got off the plane!

@FakeFernando (and his awesome eyebrows) got the sponsorship deal for this race.

Last time out @FakeBProske took the win................again with @FakeJAF1 not far behind and the return of @FakeMedicalCar saw him take his second third place of the season. Both of the 'Team Sexy Nando' drivers (@FakeFernando and @FakeMrsSchumi) finished out of the points and below the 107% time as we finally got more than 10 people for the last race.

As the rain buckets down in Valencia, who can take the initative and win the race? Well Barbara obviously, let's see who takes the initative and comes second!

Results are below...

1.@LukeyWoodsey - 1:36.864 -25PTS

2.@FakeBProske - 1:38.582 -18PTS

3.@FakeRSchumacher - 1:41.743 -15PTS

4.@BenJ0266_F1 - 1:42.269 -12PTS

5.@FakeSauber - 1:42.771 -10PTS

6.@FakeForce_India - 1:44.797 -8PTS

7.@FakeRafaela - 1:45.936 -6PTS

8.@FakeAndrewGreen - 1:48.533 -4PTS

9.@FakeMrsSchumi 1:53.459-2PTS

107% time - 1:43.864

Bold Text = Below 107% time