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Podium for the 2012 Fake Formula One Fake Barbara Proske German GP

Round 10 of the 2012 Fake Formula One World Championship held at the Nurburgring, Germany

Last time out it was buisness as usual with Fake Barbara Proske winning ................... again and Fake James Allen coming second ................... again. Fake Ralf Schumacher took the final step on the podium and with Luke Woods not being able to compete, he begun to close down the gap to third place. The big news however, came from the back of the field as Fake Corrina Schumacher was able to set a time within the 107% time, marking the first time all drivers were within the 107% this season.

As we come into the half way stage of the season every point will count as the Driver and Constructor Championships really heat up, can Fake James Allen, Luke Woods and Fake Ralf Schumacher begin to close down Fake Barbara Proske or will she stamp her authority on the field and take another commanding win.

Results are below...

@FakeBProske - 1:25.334 - 25PTS

@FakeRSchumacher - 1:25.466 - 18PTS

@LukeyWoodsey - 1:26.092 - 15PTS

@FakeJarnoTrulli - 1:28.973 - 12PTS

@FakeMrsSchumi - 1:30.029 - 10PTS

107% Time: 1:31.307
Bold Text = Below 107% Time