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This is Race 2 of the Fake F1 Championship season, held at Kuala Lumpur. The sponsor contest for this race was won by @FakeLauraHulk.

The race ran from 12am 14/6/12 to 12am 16/6/12.

Can @FakeBottas get his 2nd season win, or will @FakeJAF1 or @FakeMedicalCar top it this time? Or will someone completey unexpected win this race? Find out here!


1-@FakeBottas- 1:25.596

2-@JetBlackGTF10- 1:26.827

3-@FakeBProske- 1:26.831

4- @FakeForceIndia- 1.28.296

5-@FakeRSchumacher- 1:28.730

6-@LukeyWoodsey- 1:29.040~

7-@FakeJarnoTrulli- 1:29.449

8-@FakeSauber- 1:30.869

9-@FakeRafaela- 1:32.158

10-@CharlotteEyre18- 1:32.958

11-@FakeLauraHulk- 1:34.956

12-@ju_rena- 1:36.233

13-@FakeMrsSchumi- 1:51.231