Raquel del Rosario

Hola! I am the fake Raquel del Rosario and you can follow me on twitter: @FakeDelRosario. I was born on 3 November 1982 in Teror

I married @FakeFernando. You might not like him but once you actually get to know him...he is nice! One thing: You can look at him but not touch! ;)

Together we have a horse @RealDobbin and a bit spoiled dog @NandosWoofWoof.

I'm a Spanish singer in the band El Sueño de Morfeo. I'm in the band together with David and Juan. I sing in Spanish so you might not understand what I'm singing about but just use a translator if you're not Spanish! Currently working on a new album in L.A. :)

I love being creative with taking pictures, designing clothes and be creative with clothes and give them a personal touch. Sometimes I'm a model too. The real Raquel has a website too and you can visit it here.

Fake me has taken part in the #FakeF1BigBrother and I became 9th. Currently taking part in #StrictlyFakeF1 as Anita and @FakeFiMechanic is my dance partner as Robin Windsor.

Un millón de besos,

Raquel :)

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