Fernando Alonso F1 Grand Prix Germany Qualifying aNCzf2-uFoOl

Fake Fernando Alonso is a fake F1 driver for fake Ferrari. He is a 2 time Fake World Champion in 2005 and 2006.

He is married to @FakeDelRosario, has a horse called @RealDobbin and a dog. @NandosWoofWoof.

He is a God. (To the Italians anyway)

When he grows a beard, he bears a striking resembulance to Mario.

Nando came joint 13th along with @FakeVettel in the first series of Fake F1 Big Brother and is currently competing in Strictly Fake F1 as Dan Lobb with his partner @NandosPaella as Katya Virshilas. His chances don't look good as he keep trying to eat @NandosPaella.

Things Nando has wonEdit

- World Drivers Championship 2005

- World Drivers Championship 2006

- F1Quiz Champion 2010

- Sexiest Fake of the Year 2010

- Best Fake of the Year 2010

- Greatest Eyebrows in the World

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