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Yes, I'm calling you @iamlewis4fake

Welcome to the FakeFormulaOne Wiki[]

Fake F1 is a community of Formula One fans on Twitter, who parody people in the sport!

All fakes, feel free to add your own pages! :)


Fakes on Twitter - a list of some of the fakes on Twitter

The Fake F1 Website - The offical website of the Fake F1 world

The Fake F1 Tour - a parcel that has been travelling the world, visiting various people from Fake F1.

FakeF1BigBrother - A game based around the TV show Big Brother.

StrictlyFakeF1 - The game based around the TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

FakeF1Euro2012 - A sweepstakes game based around the Euro 2012 football.

2012 Fake Formula One World Championship - Laptime based game using the F1 2011 game

The Fake F1 Awards - The results of the Fake F1 Awards

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