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Fake F1 Big Brother ran between 18th August 2011 and 11th September 2011. It took place along side the first Celebrity Big Brother to air on Channel 5

Big Brother was contestant and almighty F1 driver/pathetic eyebrow maintainer @FakeFernando. (I am not pathetic! I am awesome! I KNOW YOU WROTE THAT MR PAUL! (oh, sorry Nando didn't realise you could read under that overgrown hair above your eyes - Paul))

The host was @FakeLeeMcKenzie, a.k.a Leevina McCallzie, who interviewed the contestants when they were evicted.

The geordie voice over man was @FakeTedK, who told us what was happening each day and, along with @FakeFernando, set tasks for the housemates.

Nominations Table (To see the whole table, click the button over here ---->)[]

Nominations 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The Final 'Nominations Received so fa'r

@RealDobbin - Dobbins snores kept me up all night

@NandosPaella - Paella makes me feel sick

@FakeGreta - she doesnt listen when I say jess & I are the cutest

@NandosPaella - I still don't like paella

@NandosPaella - Each week I dislike Paella more & more.

@RealDobbin - I don't like the house smelling of carrots or horse poo

No nominations this week

@NandosPaella -she has gps in lewis bear!!!

@Fake_Rosberg -He doesn't leave Vivi's side.

No nominations No nominations No nominations Winner 4

@FakeFernando - So he can win in Spa

@FakeJButton - For pouring head & shoulders on me at 5 o'clock this morning.

@FakeGreta - for trying to start rumours about me 0_0

@Fakesafetycar - because he/she/it/they are never here or do anything!

@FakeSafetyCar - because I never see him/her/it here!

@FakeVettel - because I'm sick of the finger!

No nominations this week

@FakeFifthDriver - because they keep beating us!

@FakeDiRestaF1 - because he hid haggis under my quilt :(

No nominations
  • (*Immune from eviction this week)
  • No nominations
No nominations Runner Up 3

@FakeSFMechanic - laughed at me

@FakeDelRosario - to annoy Nando

@FakeFernando - because no-one else will

@FakeGreta - because i'm racist

@NandosPaella - for going off in the fridge

@FakeSafetyCar - for not ramming into Maldonado

No nominations this week

@FakeJButton - for hogging that mclaren seat sooooooo much

@FakeFifthDriver - for not telling JB to let me have the seat #imbetteryousee

No nominations No nominations No nominations 3rd place 8
@FakeVirginRacin @FakeFernando - 4 forgettin 2 put me in the house

@TheFakeVettel - 4 bein pointy!

@FakediRestaF1 - for gate crashing my secret room behind the sofa

@RealDobbin - for eating the lawn and pooing in the flowers.

@FakeSafetyCar - for spilling oil on the carpet (it was a bitch to clean up!)

@FakeVettel - for bloody winning again

No nominations this week

@FakeDiRestaF1 - because we have drunk all his whiskey so we have no further use for him.

@Fake_Rosberg - because he is an INTERLOPER and Vivi never takes to us now Nico's here. I would also like to note that VOTING IS HARD

No nominations No nominations No nominations 4th place 1

@FakeSafetycar - for excessive noise,

@RealDobbin - for leaving the loo seat up.

@Nandospaella - for being too much of a temptation compared to the other food served

@FakeGreta - for being too secretive.

@NandosPaella - for being a temptation and smelly

@FakeSFMechanic - for dropping things. I'll run out of excuses soon

No nominations this week

@FakeVivian - just for getting out of last wk :P

@FakeSFMechanic - for, erm, dropping things

No nominations No nominations No nominations 5th place 5
@FakeJakeHumpF1 Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate

Wasn't a housemate



No nominations No nominations 6th place N/A
@RealDobbin Did not nominate

@fakeFifthDriver - Because you 'hate' Lewis

@FakeSafetyCar - because it nearly ran me over even though it's supposed to be 'safe'

@FakeVettel - cause basically he won again and I think that is a legitimate reason.

@FakeJButton - because he's too cool it hurts

No nominations this week

@FakeVivian - coz I haven't voted for her yet

@Fake_Rosberg - for the same reason. sorry for rubbish explanations!

No nominations No nominations No nominations 7th place 8
@theFakeBritta Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate



No nominations No nominations 8th place N/A
@FakeDelRosario @theFakeVettel - because I don't like him haha

@FAKEGreta - since I never talked to her or she to me.

@FakeVettel - because he puts way too many Red Bull in the fridge. :P

@FakeSafetyCar - because he's never here! :)

(*Immune from eviction this week)

@FakeVettel - because he's Vettel ;P

@FakeFifthDriver - just because...I don't know. Nothing personal.

No nominations this week

@FakeFifthDriver -because...no personal reason actually.

@FakeDiRestaF1 - because he drinks way too many whisky!

No nominations No nominations No nominations 9th place 3

@FakeGreta - as she reminds me of bloody sweaking Heidi

@theFakeVettel - as I want to see him cry when his twin leaves

@FakeGreta - as her milka cow ate all my chocolate

@RealDobbin - *dont want to vote* but he refuses to come out of his stable

@FakeVettel - again as he poked his smelly finger into my paella.

@FakeFernando - cos you said I was boring ;-(

No nominations this week

@FakeVivian - she teased me about immunity :-(

@FakeDiRestaF1 - coz he takes back his whisky when we acquire it

No nominations

(*Immune from eviction)

No nominations

Evicted 10th place 11
@Fake_Rosberg Wasn't a housemate Wasn't a housemate

(*Can't be nominated as he is a new housemate)

Didn't nominate so up for eviction next week!

No nominations this week

@NandosPaella - because it's not a human

@FakeVirginRacin - because they're not a very good team :)

No nominations Evicted Evicted 11th place 3

@NandosPaella - I'm really sorry, she's very nice but I don't like paella and it smells so much! :/

@FakeFernando - because someone has stolen my shampoo "special blondes" & I'm sure it's u since u dream to look like @fake_rosberg!

@RealDobbin. I'm sorry, he's very nice, but a horse into a house?! o_0 He never goes to toilets and there's poo everywhere!

NandosPaella 0 cause it smells too much! And it's so disgusting the way Nando plays with her, putting mussels on his eyebrows! Yuck!

Banned from nominating (*Immune from eviction)

@FakeDelRosario - (she gonna kill me if she knows!) but it's only so that she can join you out of the house! :) She misses you!

@NandosPaella - because we're eating paella everyday since more than one week now, And I really feel sick...

Evicted Evicted Evicted 12th place 4

@FakeVettel – Because he is an annoying little pointy finger.

@theFakeVettel – Because he is also an annoying little pointy finger.

@FakeVettel – Because he is still an annoying little pointy finger.

@FakeVivian – Because she refuses to comb my eyebrows!

@fakeVettel – He is pointy, how many times do I have to say….

@FakeSafetyCar – I blame him for me not winning at Spa! I’m not sure why but I’m sure he had something to do with it…

No nominations this week Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 13th place 6

@theFakeVettel - I don't follow him

@FakeSafetyCar - there is no need for safety car in the house!

@FakeSafetyCar - because no safety in the house sand...

@FakeDiRestaF1 - "drunked scottish misbehaviour".

@FakeSafetyCar-Because he/she is slow and we don't need safety in the house.

@FakeDiRestaF1-For drunked misbehaviour and just missing out of points for force india! (I like FI)

No nominations this week Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 13th place 11
@FakeSafetyCar Did not nominate.

@FakeVettel - Do I really need to explain?

@RealDobbin - 'Cus he's a horse.

@FakeVettel - Because he's Vettel

@RealDobbin - Cause I knew he nominated me last time -.-

Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 14th place 11
@FakeGreta Refused to nominate. As punishment the last person she followed, @FakeSFMechanic, was put up for eviction. @FakeFernando - because i'm sure he'll be up for eviction so it doesn't make a difference whether i nominate him!

@FakeDelRosario - and that's only because she nominated me last time! nothing personal! :)

Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 15th place 7

@FakeJButton - as he keeps beating me in wet tasks...

@FakeDiRestaF1 - because I am tired of having Haggis for tea EVERY night!

Banned from nominating/evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted Evicted 16th place 5
Up for public vote

@FakeFernando - 21.5%

@TheFakeVettel - 49.2%

@FakeSFMechanic (Thanks to Greta) - 6.2%

@RealDobbin (For not nominating) - 13.8%

@FakeSafetyCar (For not nominating) - 9.2%

@FakeSafetyCar - 34%

@FakeGreta - 38.3%

@RealDobbin - 27.7%

@FakeVettel - 26.5%

@FakeSafetyCar - 44.1%

@FakeVivian (For discussing nominations) - 29.4%

@FakeFernando - 27.3%

@FakeSFMechanic - 3.6%

@FakeFifthDriver - 1.8%

@NandosPaella - 3.6%

@FakeJButton - 3.6%

@FakeDelRosario - 5.5%

@FakeVirginRacin - 3.6%

@RealDobbin - 5.5%

@FakeDiRestaF1 - 7.3%

@FakeVettel - 27.3%

@Fake_Rosberg - 10.9%

@FakeVivian - 41.7%

@Fake_Rosberg - 13.9%

@FakeDiRestaF1 - 8.3%

@FakeFifthDriver - 13.9%

@NandosPaella - 22.2%

@Fake_Rosberg - 36.4%

@FakeDelRosario - 22.7%

@FakeDiRestaF1 - 22.7%


@FakeFifthDriver - 6.1%

@FakeVirginRacin - 21.1%

@NandosPaella - 51.5%

@RealDobbin - 6.1%

@FakeJButton - 6.1%


@theFakeBritta - 21.1%
















Evicted @TheFakeVettel with 49.2% of the vote. @FakeGreta with 38.3% of the vote. @FakeSafetyCar with 44.1% of the vote. @FakeVettel with 27.3% of the vote and @FakeFernando with 27.3% of the vote. @FakeVivian with 41,7% of the vote @Fake_Rosberg with 36.4% of the vote @NandoPaella with 51.5% of the vote.

@FakeDelRosario with 20.7% of the vote.

@theFakeBritta with 19% of the vote.

@RealDobbin with 13.8% of the vote.

1st place - @FakeJButton with 23.9% of the vote

2nd place - @FakeSFMechanic with 20.9% of the vote

3rd place - @FakeDiRestaF1 with 19.4% of the vote

4th place - @FakeVirginRacin with 17.9% of the vote

5th place - @FakeFifthDriver with 13.4% of the vote

6th place - @FakeJakeHumpF1 with 4.5% of the vote


Day 1 - The housemates started enjoying there first full day in the house, and then Big Brother sprung a surprised nominations on them. Vivian spoke about nominations and was caught phoning her boyfriend, so as punishment, her makeup and shampoo was taken away for 3 days. Vettel (with a "the") then also spoke about who he would nominate. His punishment was a ban from nominations next week. The rule breaking continued as it was discovered Vettel (without a "the") had hidden a phone under his bed to call his PR Britta. He was punished by having his teddy bear taken away for the night. Nominations were revealed and a task was set for the housemates, where they had to answer a question about themselves in 1 minute to win a surprise. Winners were Fernando, Raquel, Vivian and Virgin Racing and the prize they recieved was a phone call home.

Day 2 - Vettel (with a "the) tried to escape from the house, though he was trapped in the secret room and told it was the Red Bull garage to keep him in. Then in the evening the first eviction was announced, with @theFakeVettel being the first to leave the Big Brother house! The rest of the housemates got drunk in celebration for surviving the first eviction.

Day 3 - Fernando snuck out to go to Silverstone but he was not punished because he is Big Brother. There was a task set to tell Ted the most interesting F1 fact. Vivian won the task and her prize was to reveal the nominations of one housemate. She chose to find out who Raquel voted for.

Day 4 - It was nominations day! Vivian discussed nominations (again) and was banned from nominating in the next eviction. The nominations were revealed. Dobbin cried and Greta was angry.

Day 5 - A task was set that the housemate and public had to name Fernando's fish. Raquel was heard discussing nominations and was punished by being banned from eating paella for one whole day. The task was announced with @LindaSpencer1 winning with the name Colin. Her prize was to chose one housemate to be immune from eviction next week and she chose Raquel. @johnyeo1972 was runner up with the name Fishy Chella. His prize was to reveal all nominations of one of the housemates and he chose Virgin Racing.

Day 6 - Not much happened...

Day 7 - A task was set to find the oldest (e.g who joined Twitter first) fake on Twitter! Everyone had paella for dinner.

Day 8 - The task winner were announced. The winners were Fernando, Vivian, Paul and Jenson (Nando also cheated and made Raquel winner too) Their prize was to choose a new housemate to enter the house and they chose @Fake_Rosberg! The evictions were revealed and @FakeGreta was the second housemate to leave the Fake Big Brother house. Vivian talked about nominations for the ten squillionth time and got automatically put up for eviction next week,

Day 9 - The housemates had a holiday to Spa!

Day 10 - Still in Spa...but the housemates nominated!

Day 11 - Housemates had no food as it was a bank holiday and all the Big Brother staff were having a day off. However some housemates got a takeaway and paella was made. Nominations were revealed and as Nico didn't vote he is automatically up for eviction next week.

Day 12 - Nothing happened...

Day 13 - Housemates started a drawing task where they have to draw or paint an F1 related picture. Nico was given his own task to pick which housemate he thought was nicest to him and give them immunity from the next eviction. Predictably, he picked his girlfriend Vivian. The secret eviction (that everyone knew about) results were announced and the third person to leave was @FakeSafetyCar. Big Brother announced a surprise eviction on Friday where all housemates except immune Vivian were up for eviction!

Day 14 - Had a chat, ate some paella, did some drawings for the latest task...

Day 15 - The eviction results were announced and in a surprising twist, it was a double eviction with @FakeFernando and @FakeVettel leaving the house. Nando tried to kill everyone.

Day 16 - It was the final nominations.

Day 17 - Nominations were announced with Vivi, McLaren, Paul, Nico and Paella up for eviction!

Day 18 - The drawing contest results were announced with @notRafaelaMassa - http://yfrog.com/mgzesij, @Marlon18 - http://twitpic.com/6g5v3x and @FakeSFMechanic - http://twitpic.com/6g3u5u winning! They all got to pick one housemate to be immune from the next eviction. Mechanic picked himself to be immune. Marlon chose to let Fernando choose the person to be immune for him, and Fernando chose Raquel. Rafa chose Paul. Vivi was evicted and Jake and Britta joined the house! They then had to choose 4 people to be up for eviction. They chose Nico, Raquel, Paul and Mechanic.

Day 19 - Lee couldn't do the eviction so Fernando took over as Dernando O'lonso. Nico was evicted from the house to be reunited with Vivian.

Day 20 - Nandos Paella was evicted.

Day 21 - Virgin Racing and Mechanic had a food fight.

Day 22 - The last eviction before the final took place, with a shock TRIPLE eviction! @FakeDelRosario was the first to go, then @TheFakeBritta, then @RealDobbin. This leaves Paul, (The Very Awesome) McLaren, Virgin Racing, Jenson, Ferrari Mechanic and Jake Humphrey.

Day 23 - The housemates enjoyed the final full day in the house.

Day 24 - The night of the final! Jenson went on to win with Ferrari Mechanic as the runner up. All the housemates partied into the night! 16 housemates, 8 evictions, 3 weeks, 1 house, 1 winner! ;)