Pic5 football monte 2010-3

Fake F1 Euro 2012 is a game based around the Euro 2012 football.

16 fakes and 16 non fakes are randomly assisgned a team in the Euro 2012 for them to support.

The winner gets love, praise and admiration from everyone in Fake F1.

Country Fakes Reals Place
Croatia FakeSauber and FakeGridGirl Fiveenil and Ju_Rena 5th
Czech Republic FakeMrsSchumi and FakeForceIndia TGIFormula1 and dmbbean 4th
Denmark IamLewis4Fake and FakeJAF1 VivaLaMirko and RachaelWith2As 5th
England FakeRSchumacher and FakeBProske ElenaF1 4th
France FakeMarkWebbah and NandosPaella Rocketredfire 4th
Germany FakeVivian and FakkiKovalainen AwesomeAmyx 3rd
Greece FakeSergioPerez and FakeLauraHulk AheadOfTheRace and hollyjt85 4th
Italy FakeFernando and FakeRaikkonen Fan_Peiyi 2nd
Netherlands FakeDelRosario and FernandosRabbit Kazdella 6th
Poland FakeEsteban and FakeEJordanOBE Caterpillar_HP 6th
Portugal FakePastorMaldo and FakeFifthDriver Dan_The_ManF1 3rd
Republic of Ireland Fake_Gabriella and FakeGabriellaF1 PAGIE03 6th
Russia FakeyRob and FakeMassa GeorgeHDavies and Sehr_F1 5th
Spain FakeJuanMontoya and FakeMarussia ThePitLaneCat (honourary non-fake) 1st
Sweden FakeRafaela and FakeAndrewGreen Sam_F1_LFC 6th
Ukraine FakeJButton Balaurderaa 5th
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