The Fake F1 Tour was created on the 23rd June 2011 by @FakeFifthDriver with a little help from @FakeFernando.

The Fake F1 Tour is a parcel that is sent to various fakes. The parcel contains 3 cars for the fakes to sign, a notebook to sign and a gift for the next fake.

The Fake F1 Tour will end on the 23rd June 2012 (Or before if we can manage it!) Once the tour ends, we will be raffling off one of the signed cars to one of the participants. This will be done by pulling a name out of a hat. We will also be giving away a prize to the person we feel has taken the best photos. (probably)

More info about the tour and the gallery can be found here -

Fake Date Received Date Send Gift Recieved Location
@FakeFifthDriver N/A 27th June 2011 N/A UK
@IamLewis4Fake 30th June 2011 5th July 2011 A toy car UK
@FakePaddyLowe 8th July 2011 12th July 2011 A set of spanners UK
@FakeVijayF1 13th July 2011 14th July 2011 A toy car and a bag of rice UK
@FakeRafaelaMassa Pulled Out Pulled Out Pulled Out Pulled Out
@FakeJakeHumpF1 15th July 2011 21st July 2011 A screwdriver and a framed photo of Eddie Jordan UK
@FakeMassa 26th August 2011 3rd September 2011 A McLaren keyring and a (pretend) spring from Rubens Barrichello's car. Canada

18th October 2011 (Arrived at house)

27th October 2011 (Went home to open it!)

31st October 2011

Carbon Fibre from Kubica's car after a crash in 2008, marbles from the Canadian GP 2011, a Ferrari shoe keyring, a photo of Nando's broken car and an eyebrow comb.

@FakeDelRosario 4th November 2011 14th November 2011 Jenson Button's autograph and photo proof it is real, a Ferrari bear keyring, some Renault stickers and a single red rose. Fake Spain
@FakeVivian 21st November 2011 1st December 2011 Earrings, Prada perfume and an angel. Fake Monaco
@FakePetrov 5th December 2011 9th February 2012 A Babushka Oksana tea infuser and a comic to explain how to use it. UK
@FakeMarussia 21st February 2012 5th March 2012 A drawing of Jerome a.k.a Custard. UK
@FakeLeeMcKenzie 14th March 2012 26th March 2012 A BBC F1 pen and a bag of mini hobnob biscuits. Scotland
@FakkiKovalainen 27th March 2012 13th April 2012 Heikki Kovalainen's autograph, a fire extinguisher, a Colin McRae pen and some Cars 2 stickers.
@FakeJButton 19th April 2012
@FakeFifthDriver N/A
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