One of three fake Heikkis, FakkiKovalainen is the most active. Also known as 'Fireman Heikki', he is always on the scene when there's a fire, whether it be London, Nick Heidfeld's car or a truck in Monaco. He also likes to cut the grass.

When racing in his Lotus, he celebrates when anyone from the top nine teams retires and goes mental when he finishes 12th. 13th is also pretty good.

In a past life, Heikki used to win races. He was the first GP2 runner-up way back in 2005, after which he became a Renault test driver while the champion Nico joined Williams. Heikki became an F1 driver in 2007, and had an almost perfect finishing record in his first season by completing the first sixteen rounds with no retirements. Unfortunately the final in Brazil ruined his great season.

Because of Nando being mean to Lew Lew, McLaren and Renault swapped drivers and Heikki finally got to drive a decent car. He scored a few points and even won a race! That was the 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix, when he won because of luck - Massa's Ferrari deciding to die. 2009 was a rubbish year for McLaren, and in 2010 Heikki took a risk when he got into an even worse car. But he finished the best of the new team drivers because he is awesome.

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